“Topher Grace’s Cinematic Triumphs: 10 Best Movies, Ranked by Rotten Tomatoes’ Audience Score”

Hollywood actor Topher Grace has come a long way since his breakthrough role as Eric Forman on the hit sitcom “That ’70s Show.” Over the years, he has transitioned successfully from television to the silver screen, showcasing his versatile talent in a variety of film roles. Today, we take a look at his 10 best movies, as ranked by Rotten Tomatoes’ Audience Score.

  1. Interstellar (2014) – 85%: Topher Grace played Dr. Mann in Christopher Nolan’s epic space odyssey, earning praise for his performance in this mind-bending sci-fi thriller.
  2. Traffic (2000) – 86%: Grace portrayed Seth Abrahams in this Steven Soderbergh-directed crime drama, which tackled the complex issues surrounding drug trafficking.
  3. Predators (2010) – 52%: In this action-packed sci-fi film, Grace took on the role of Edwin, a doctor trapped on a deadly alien planet with other formidable warriors.
  4. Spider-Man 3 (2007) – 51%: As Eddie Brock/Venom, Topher Grace played a memorable antagonist in Sam Raimi’s final installment of the Spider-Man trilogy.
  5. BlacKkKlansman (2018) – 86%: Grace portrayed David Duke in this Spike Lee joint, which tackled issues of racism and bigotry in America.
  6. American Ultra (2015) – 63%: Grace starred alongside Jesse Eisenberg in this action-comedy, adding a dose of humor to the world of government conspiracies and super-soldiers.
  7. In Good Company (2004) – 71%: Grace played a young executive in this dramedy, exploring the challenges of work-life balance and generational clashes.
  8. Take Me Home Tonight (2011) – 56%: In this ’80s-set comedy, Grace starred as a recent college graduate on a wild night of partying.
  9. The Big Wedding (2013) – 41%: Grace appeared in this star-studded ensemble comedy, providing laughs amidst a chaotic family wedding.
  10. Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! (2004) – 57%: Grace played the best friend of a grocery store clerk who wins a date with a Hollywood heartthrob in this romantic comedy.

While some of Grace’s films have divided critics, his ability to take on diverse roles and his contributions to a wide range of genres have earned him a dedicated fan base. Whether he’s exploring the cosmos in “Interstellar” or providing comic relief in “American Ultra,” Topher Grace continues to be a compelling presence in the world of cinema.

As audiences eagerly anticipate his future projects, including “The Chain” and “Irresistible,” it’s clear that Topher Grace’s career is far from over. His filmography stands as a testament to his talent and versatility in the ever-evolving landscape of Hollywood.

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